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Cooking lesson

Cooking lesson

The Sardinian cuisine is somewhat variegated and mainly characterized by its island-status and its agropastoral culture, enriched during the centuries throughout contaminations, contacts and trades with other peoples. Vary and simple at the same time it ranges from roasted meats, to the bread tradition, the pecorino cheeses, the wines, from the sea and from the land dishes, the game meat, the fishing or the gathering of natural herbs. It is considered to be an important part of the Mediterranean diet and it was declared masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity in 2010 by UNESCO.

Our idea of cooking lesson it is not just a cuisine class, it is a complete experience on Sardinian food culture. A fun way to discover and enjoy our territory through the kitchen. Our cook will entertain you and tell you all about local products and how Sardinians like them.
 You will not only use your hands to cook but also learn how to present courses in a beautiful way, enrich flavors with simple ingredients and match the right wines and dishes.

The products used in your lesson, like the home made olive oil, the wine or the self-farmed meats are organic and carefully selected by ourselves. At the end of the lesson you will enjoy a mouth-watering meal with the dishes you will have cooked during the cooking experience.

Doing the home made pasta is very old history: from the sfoglia worked with the rolling pin a long time ago they made tagliatelle, spaghetti, ravioli, culurgiones and malloreddus.

Right at the border of the Barbagia mountainous region stands our territory (the Sarcidano and Marmilla area) considered historically the Sardinia granary of the Roman empire. It is actually both the core and the stage of our home made pasta courses, so rich in traditions, recipes and ancient tools used wisely by our forebears. Nowadays few people are willing do it at home even if it is healthy, inspiring and lets you save something on the shopping.

In this lesson you will learn everything you need to know about the Sardinian style and more generally about the Italian pasta tradition. You will be taught from the simple and plain pasta to the stuffed one, learning all the tips and tricks to prepare a perfect fresh home made pasta in all its variations.

Catching from the Italian methods you will learn how to knead the dough with the 00 flour, how to shape the spaghetti and tagliatelle and some creative and tasty ways to prepare the coloured pasta.
 Focusing on the Sardinia custom you will get the chance to make malloreddus squashing and curling a piece of dough on the bottom of an ancient wooden sieve; you will find yourself attrottoxendi freuha, literally rolling up the fregola pasta, a typical and unique Sardinian rounded shape kind of pasta made only with semolina flour and water and stirred in a suitable terracotta bowl; you will be baffled while learning how to stitch the Ogliastra culurgiones, an incredible technique to sew up fresh pasta with the filling inside using your hands; you will be stunned by making the sebadas (or seadas), the most famous Sardinian dessert, that reminds the ravioli shape but it is filled with soft cheese, deep fried and served with honey on the top.

  • The lesson includes 4/6 hours of hands on cooking
  • aperitifs during the lesson
  • the meal includes some appetizers as drained sausage, olives or cheese (antipasto)
  • at least three pasta dishes we have cooked during the experience
  • a second meat course
  • the sebadas prepared by ourselves as dessert
  • everything as wine, water, bread, fruit, cheese, coffee and liquors is included
  • you will receive the recipes of the lesson with our cook support if needed

In our courses we are proud to use only home made products and organic food. Most of the ingredients will be gathered locally.

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